Updated on 5/18/2018

  • Just a reminder not to hang anything on your entry door or place floor mats or other items such as shoes at the front of the entry door.  These rules can be found in the downloadable "Rules & Regulations" document on the "Resident Information Page".

  • Please keep your balcony free and clear of anything other than patio furniture and related items.  Charcoal grills, boxes, upholstered furniture, miscellaneous junk, etc. is not permitted

  • It is the home owners responsibility to replace, at your expense, any damaged/fogged windows. If you're not sure who to contact for such a replacement, the Management Office may be able to help.

  • Drive slowly in the parking lot and follow the rules on the signs.  We don't want to see anyone getting hurt due to negligence. 

       Thank you!​

       Chapel Hill West Management

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