The red parking lot sticker is to be placed on your REAR driver side windshield. This is an important aspect of our security measures. The sticker also helps us to identify who owns the vehicle for instance such as snow removal in which your vehicle may need to be relocated to allow cleaning of spaces. 

Please make sure to park your vehicle evenly between the white lines to allow other vehicles to park next to you. Parking spaces late in the evening can be hard to come by. Parking your vehicle on or too near the lines can make it difficult for larger vehicles to park.  

The Garage spaces are for parking your vehicle only. Other items such as shopping carts, tires, miscellaneous items are to be stored in your storage locker or in your condo. Do not store any of these items on your balcony. 

Drive slowly in the parking lot and follow the rules for signs. STOP wherever you see a STOP SIGN. We don’t want to see anyone getting hurt. In particular, watch out for Children.  

Please keep your balcony free and clear of anything other than patio furniture and related items. Charcoal grills, boxes, and miscellaneous junk are not permitted on balcony. 

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace, at your expense, any and all damaged/fogged windows. If you’re not sure who to contact for such a replacement, the Management Office can point you in the right direction for vendors.  

No cardboard shipping boxes shall be placed in the trash chute, but shall be broken down, flattened and placed in the recycling containers on either side of the middle garage. All owners and/or residents are required to break down and flatten cardboard shipping boxes before placing them in the designated trash or recycling area. Failure to do so may result in a fine. 

​➢Do not hang anything on your entry door or place floor mats or other items such as shoes at the front of your entry door.

After using a shopping cart, return it to the stall you took it from. We have several missing carts and seem to find them in hallways which is a fire hazard. People also have them inside their units. So be courteous and return them so others can use them.

If you smoke on your balcony, use an ash tray. Do not throw cigarettes over your balcony railing and onto the ground below as this could potentially cause a fire.

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